Do you waste too much time and money hiring the wrong staff and risk your project failing or being delayed?

If you want security and control our internal recruitment process guarantees the highest quality individuals at the best rate guaranteed.

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The employer's best partner

We are one of the few staffing agencies with a collective labour agreement, and since 2005 we have specialized in plumbers.

Our internal recruitment process, through interviews and reference checks, guarantees you highly qualified individuals at the guaranteed best price.

We hire professionals such as plumbers, electricians, ventilation installers, carpenters, masons and processing professionals; both from Norway and abroad. Target clients are both large and medium sized companies in construction and industry.

Today, we are suppliers of professionals for complex projects, and can customize the workforce as per your needs.

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Our solutions

We are complete suppliers of professionals to projects that need complex personnel solutions. We customize the workforce for you.

We know you're buzy at work

Do you have several ongoing projects without sufficient workforce of your own? Are the tasks too numerous? Then it probably is time to contact Bemanning AS: we deliver qualified personnel that are accustomed to working on larger projects and used to swiftly adapting to new production processes on the building site.

Did your personnel quit halfway in a project, or seek employment at a competing company?

We have versatile skilled personnel that you can use from start to finish in your projects. The majority of our employees have been around for a long time in Bemanning AS. You don't have to worry about losing our main professionals before they finish the project.

Do you want perfect control over work hours?

Our competent team leaders will ensure perfect control of both desired quality and the dedicated time in your projects. We will offload your project leaders and make sure the production goes as planned. Your project leaders can spend more time on administrative tasks in the projects.

Advantages in using Bemanning AS

  • Established 2005; Norwegian company with a long history of hiring technical personnel.
  • Long experience in finding the right candidates.
  • Excellent processes for finding the right candidates.
  • Al references are checked.
  • Large network and wast knowledge of recruiting professionals from abroad.
  • We adhere to a national collective labour agreement, assuring fair wages. You do not have to fear being involved in cases of social dumping.
  • We have a good and continious dialogue with the trade unions.
  • Customers are exempt from solidary responsibility for taxes, and we see that as a value of safety for our customers.
  • Member of Startbank.
  • Our personnel are registered in the national HMS register before they arrive at the construction site, smoothing the project start-up.
  • HMS is an important focus area for Bemanning AS. We see to that our employees follow the rules and regulations on-site. It gives you security, and you don't need to worry about the safety of our employees.
  • Bemanning AS have several good references from renowned companies in the construction business.
  • Bemanning AS is a small but efficient company with short lines of decision-making. We're in good contact with our customers and employees, hence the slogan "Når service teller" (When service matters).

Reference projects

  • The Norwegian National Museum
  • The Munch Museum
  • Several office and residential projects in Bjørvika
  • .. and many more

Recommendation from Bravida

I asked Kjell Kvifte, managing director montage, at Bravida El-avdelningen in Oslo, about his opinion on hiring electricians into his project called bolig- og industriprosjekter.

Kvifte responds with that he thinks professionals hired in from Bemanning AS, have been immensely versatile and that everything has worked out just fine. Bravida has gotten nice followup and service in this project, Kvifte continues. He does not hesitate in recommending others with similar professional needs to hire professionals from Bemanning AS.

Now do contact us at when you are in need of professionals or other types of personel.