Work in norwegian construction

We're seeking skilled and experienced professionals,
especially plumbers, electricians, concrete workers and carpenters.

Good reasons to work for us

Easy and flexible

if you're competent and want to work in Norway, book your flight and we'll do the rest. Choose to work part time, full time, or just part of the year.

Salary and pension

Guaranteed payments at guaranteed times. We are one of the few staffing companies with a collective agreement and thus offering orderly working conditions and the right to an extra pension called AFP in Norway.

Carreer opportunities

Our customers are large and medium-sized companies, so we can open new doors for you, to exciting new opportunities.

Recruitment process in brief

  1. Resume: Your resume is your CV, listing your personal information, education, work experience and two (2) references
  2. Cover letter: Write a letter explaining how your skills and experience is a good fit for a job
  3. Screening: Your application will be screened by a recruiter
  4. Interview: If we have a relevant position based on your background, you will be contacted by a recruiter to set up an interview. The first interview will be by phone and the second by video call.
  5. Hiring process: After the interview we check your references and match you with a job in Norway. We present your CV, cover letter and job references to potential employers.
  6. Job offer: You get a job offer... and after having accepted the offer, it is time to come to Norway.